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UK Apple iPhone BlogsBefore the mobile phone we had pagers, which at first just made a sound and later allowed a short message to be received. Mobile phones followed, initially these being the size of a briefcase. The mobile evolved, along the way we had Nokia, Motorola and Blackberry but the iPhone launch was revolutionary. For many the iPhone has replaced eBook readers, stills and video cameras, GPS navigation and dedicated music players, it’s also the only device many people own which allows them to access the Internet. This is my collection of blogs about the iPhone written from a UK centric perspective. If you have any questions about iPhone please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

When will the iPhone 6 come out?

Friends and colleagues who know I follow Apple developments closely often ask me "When will the iPhone 6 come out?". I thought I'd create a quick summary blog to answer this question as best we can without absolute confirmation from Apple. To answer this question it...

What PC should I buy for my parents 2014?

This is a question I get asked by someone every few months so I thought I'd write a quick blog post about it. When you buy or recommend a PC/Laptop/Tablet etc to someone you should know that you are going to become their personal IT Helpdesk 24 x 7. If you've ever...

Apple iCloud KeyChain Web Developers Best Practice Guide

Apple's password manager (iCloud KeyChain for Safari) may not be the best password manager but that's completely irrelevant because by now it's already the most popular, most widely adopted password manager in the World. It's therefore important that you make sure...

Does Audi support Apple CarPlay?

Does Audi support Apple CarPlay?

This blog talks about Audi’s support for Apple CarPlay integration which allows you to control your iPhone from the cars dashboard.

How to add your business to Apples ios6 / iPhone maps.

This blog post talks you through how to add your business to Apples new ios6 / iPhone maps. This is really important as your potential customers will want to be able to use their iPhones to navigate to your business. The blog also explains how you can add a website link in ios6/iphone maps so that people can discover your business in maps and then click through to your website for more information.