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Are you sure how many weeks left in this financial year?

The best managers know exactly where they are in the financial year, what they have left to achieve and a plan for delivering it. See our latest feature which gives a real-time countdown of the days left in the financial year and a printable calendar.

Less is more, when it comes to project progress reporting.

The last thing your boss or client wants is a 30 page project progress report. They haven’t got time to read it and they probably resent you having time to waste writing such a long report, and worse they may think you are hiding bad news in those 30 pages somewhere.  It’s time to try our one page weekly project reporting template.

IBM i (AS/400) Everything you need to know on one page.

Despite often being seen as a legacy green screen based system the IBM i Operating System (OS400) has the youngest, purest heritage of any OS in the marketplace today. This platform continues to go from strength to strength now being used increasingly for high security applications.

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What is the best IDE for Python?

What is the best IDE for Python?

So what is the best Python IDE and what makes a good IDE anyway? Do you need an IDE to program in Python? No you certainly don't need an IDE (Interactive Development Environment) to program in Python. For example on Mac and Linux you can work in the terminal and...

ITIL Foundation Primer Part 2: Service Composition

Definitions: Service Assets: Resources & CapabilitiesResource: IT equipment / infrastructure, people, money or anything else that helps to deliver the service. Resources are assets of the organisation.Capability: The ability of a service organisation, person,...

ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) Service Management Notes – Part 1

ITIL Service Management defines a number of terms, this primer is a quick reference guide.  You should find this useful when revising for your ITIL Foundation Exam. Outcome: The output from executing a process that delivers a SERVICE Service: A way of delivering value...

Strategies for managing risk out of your projects

One of the roles of the Project Manager is to identify risks to the project and create a Risk Register.  Once the risks have been identified their responsibility is then to work on strategies for managing those risks downwards or out of their project.  Below I present...

10 Things to consider when writing your IT Strategy

You need to have a strategy for your companies IT.  Your directors, investors and auditors will expect to see your strategy paper. If you are responsible for your companies IT you need to make sure you've got this in place and that you are keeping it up to date....

The art of change management

Working in IT we are probably responsible for introducing more change in the workplace than any other profession.  It's the nature of IT, that the technology keeps getting better every few years, and this fuels the constant change. If a change is to be made...

Google Service Status Page – A great example of best practice.

Following the brief outage of gMail on September 1st I was reminded that Google publish a status page or dashboard showing the status of all their services.  You can find this service at I mention this because it's an excellent example...

Teach yourself to code (or teach your kids to code).

From time to time I share interesting infographics that I spot on social media. I spotted this one earlier and though it was quite good. I'd certainly endorse the idea of learning Python, Javascript, Ruby and Java. I'd also recommend trying Scratch if you are brand...

Keeping your kids safe online : Februray 9th is Safer Internet Day.

Safer Internet Day: 9th February 2016 What is Safer Internet Day? Safer internet day, now in its sixth year, is coordinated by the UK Safer Internet Centre. The day sees hundreds of organisations involved in promoting safe, responsible and positive use of...

Recommended IT & Business Reading

This is a modern classic IT and Project Management title for anyone who wants to understand how IT, DevOps and Agile can help your business succeed. 

This is the ground breaking text that introduces the modern process of software development, testing and automated deployment that you will find is the basis of all large scale, modern successful software development projects. It’s a must read for anyone involved in software development.

If you commission or are responsible for the delivery of apps or websites then I highly recommend this title. 

Product Owners and IT people in general are too close to the problem and don’t see their applications in the way that end users and customers will see them.