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Captain Kirk using iPad and Apple Pencil?The idea of electronic paper and notebooks has been around for many years. Most famously Captain Kirk is seen using PADDs (Personal Access Display Device) in Star Trek over fifty years ago. Steve Jobs must have been inspired by this and I think he used ‘pad’ in the name as a reference to the PADD’s in Start Trek.



The iPad launched by Steve Jobs wasn’t however the companies first attempt at this type of device. The Apple Newton was launched in 1993. It was way ahead of its time and maybe overly ambitious. It did however lay an important keystone of the foundation for the iPad and iPhone. Apple in the 90’s needed a state of the art, low power, fast CPU. It happened that Acorn in the UK had designed such a processor for their BBC Micro, initially as a co-processor and later as the next generation BBC Micro known as the Archimedes. Apple bought into it and licensed the design which became the A Series processes used today in all Apple mobile devices, and Acorn became ARM and their CPU design powers billions of devices around the world, none of which might have happened had Apple not invested in the early days.

These are my blogs about the Apple iPad. I think it’s a brilliant device and I’ve been using it since in was launched and my children use them now for homework and games and music and so much more. It’s interesting to see them grow up and use iPads as if they have always existed and naturally use Siri for everyday tasks.

What PC should I buy for my parents 2014?

This is a question I get asked by someone every few months so I thought I'd write a quick blog post about it. When you buy or recommend a PC/Laptop/Tablet etc to someone you should know that you are going to become their personal IT Helpdesk 24 x 7. If you've ever...

Apple iCloud KeyChain Web Developers Best Practice Guide

Apple's password manager (iCloud KeyChain for Safari) may not be the best password manager but that's completely irrelevant because by now it's already the most popular, most widely adopted password manager in the World. It's therefore important that you make sure...

How to add your business to Apples ios6 / iPhone maps.

This blog post talks you through how to add your business to Apples new ios6 / iPhone maps. This is really important as your potential customers will want to be able to use their iPhones to navigate to your business. The blog also explains how you can add a website link in ios6/iphone maps so that people can discover your business in maps and then click through to your website for more information.

Unable to sync iPhone Unknown error E8000065….

For some reason after upgrading my iPhone to iOS 5.1 I was unable to wirelessly sync with my Mac which is running the latest version of Lion.  I tried Googling the error code and could not find and real solution anywhere.  In the end with a little trial and...

Looking forwards to Apples WWDC 2011

On June 6th we'll finally get to hear Apple's next batch of announcements.  This time it has been a little different.  Normally Apple are very secretive and there is no official word in advance about what is going to be announced but this time we've seen...