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Linda Garrould

Welcome to Information Technology Tips & Tricks.

I have worked in Information Technology for several years in software engineering and IT Management for several companies. I now run several websites and provide consultancy services, helping companies improve their website usability, accessibility, performance and conversion rates.

On this site, I publish blogs and articles from writers who are involved in providing IT services to Small to Medium-sized Enterprises.  Our articles are convenient, setting out to achieve results quickly and with limited budgets.

If you would like to write an article for this blog please get in touch using my contact page.

I am always looking for a good article and will give full links back to your site.

Disclaimer: I run adverts on the blog, receive products for review, and sometimes take commissions on sales generated from links from this site,  all of which can help fund the running of this blog. It’s my policy never to promote any products or services unless I genuinely like them. I decline products and stories rather than write something negative about someone else’s work.

Linda Garrould