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Helpful blogs about Apple MacOS / OSX by a British women technology blogger with a practical, no nonsense approach. I blog about all Safari, Shell Scripts, AppStore, xCode, Swift and the issues I find with Apple MacOS while doing by work and the solutions I find to those problems. I’ve worked on OSX for well over 12 years now upgrading MacOS with every new release of the OS. I’ve seen iTunes come and go to be replaced by Music, Podcasts and the other new MacOS stock applications. I’ve tried the Mac office apps such as Numbers, Pages and Keynote but today I run Microsoft Office 365 on Mac as I find it easier when working with clients. I still use Mac Mail instead of Outlook on Mac. I blog about the short comings of some of the Microsoft apps on Mac, such as not being able to selectivley download messages in Outlook. For code editing I used to use TextMate and similar but now I think Microsoft Visual Studio Code takes a lot of beating. I think Apple Swift is amazing but as I work cross platform I tend to favour Python and use both Python and Java extensivley. For my database I use MySQL again because it runs well on Mac and it’s cross platform so I’m able to develop and test on Apple Mac and deploy to Linux, Windows and even high-end systems such as IBMi. For version control i use GIT which is now pretty much the standard everyone uses for version control. More recently I’ve started running Windows and Linux in a virtual environment on Apple MacOS so that I can test web pages using Edge and Internet Explorer on Microsoft Windows. It’s also helpful to be able to run Windows 10 in a VM on Mac when I need to help clients with problems they are having. Its so useful to be able to take a snapshot, try a change and just roll it back if the change causes a problem. Finally I love the tight integration of Timemachine in MacOS and the iCloud backup both of which make me feel confident my data is safe and make it easy for me to restore files when something goes wrong.

MacOS Catalina iTunes Remote App not working

I've got four sets of airplay speakers around my home which I stream music to from iTunes running on my Mac which lives downstairs in my study. This has worked well for years, until now! Last week I upgraded my Mac to the latest version of MacOS known as Catalina and...

Twitter client for Mac #Twitter

Twitter client for Mac #Twitter

The official Twitter client for the Mac died yesterday. When you try and start it now it fails to authenticate any of your accounts. This is because Twitter announced recently that they were going to stop developing and supporting their client on the Mac in an...

How to get Eclipse working on OS X 10.10 Yosemite

If you want to get Eclipse up and running on OS X Yosemite without having to install the legacy Java SE6 environment then this article talks you through a simple solution to get this working on Java 8.

What PC should I buy for my parents 2014?

This is a question I get asked by someone every few months so I thought I'd write a quick blog post about it. When you buy or recommend a PC/Laptop/Tablet etc to someone you should know that you are going to become their personal IT Helpdesk 24 x 7. If you've ever...

Apple iCloud KeyChain Web Developers Best Practice Guide

Apple's password manager (iCloud KeyChain for Safari) may not be the best password manager but that's completely irrelevant because by now it's already the most popular, most widely adopted password manager in the World. It's therefore important that you make sure...

How to add Classic FM to iTunes Radio.

How to add Classic FM to iTunes Radio.

This blog details how to add the Classic FM UK live stream URL to your iTunes or Apple Music Radio playlist. Step by step graphics explain exactly how to do this.