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Recommended essential WordPress Plugins List

I'll be updating this blog post from time to time with my list of essential WordPress Plugin's. These are the plugins that I find myself using time and time again on different sites because they are reliable. Page Builder : Divi Builder from Elegant Themes See...

Image Resize and thumbnails not working in WordPress.

I had a strange problem on a Wordpress blog site today that I haven't seen before.  The image resize and thumbnail generation wasn't working.  Normally when you upload an image to Wordpress it creates 3 versions of the image at different sizes but this wasn't...

WordPress 3.0

Just upgraded to Wordpress 3.0. The upgrade process was straight forwards and painless. First impressions are very good. I'm also trying the latest version of the Wordpress iPad app. With a little luck it will make it easier to blog a little more often.

WordPress Tags Cheat Sheet

I just came across this excellent Word Press Tags Cheat Sheet and want to post a link for future reference and to see what you think.