WooCommerce is great but there doesn’t seem to be a built in easy way to change the American term ‘Shopping Cart’ to ‘Shopping Basket’. If you are running a British or European based business changing this phrase is essential if you want your store to look professional.

I have developed a simple solution. All you need to do is paste the following function into your themes functions.php.

		   function ($translated_text, $text, $domain) {

			if ($domain == 'woocommerce') {
				switch ($translated_text) {
					case 'Cart totals':
						$translated_text = __('Order summary', 'woocommerce');
					case 'Update cart':
						$translated_text = __('Update basket', 'woocommerce');
					case 'Add to cart':
						$translated_text = __('Add to basket', 'woocommerce');
					case 'View cart':
						$translated_text = __('View basket', 'woocommerce');

			return $translated_text;

20, 3);

This code processes all the output from your WordPress WooCommerce store and dynamically replaces Cart with Basket.

If you have any questions, or if you spot somewhere in Woocommerce that I’ve missed do please leave a comment below.