When Apple released iOS6 I was away on business.  I was able to download and apply iOS6 over the hotel wifi without any problems and it all looked great until the next day when someone tried to phone me in the car.  The iOS6 update had stopped the speaker and on closer inspection the external GPS receiver in the TomTom Car Kit from working.

I tried deleting the TomTom app and reinstalling but that didn’t do any good.  In the end I tracked it down to what must have been a corrupted permission setting.

To get the TomTom Car Kit working again after installing the iOS6 update this is what I had to do:

1. Make sure TomTom isn’t running as an active app.

2. Launch Settings and then select the Privacy option

Select Privacy from the Settings menu in ios6 to fix the Tomtom car kit.

3. Now select Reset Location & Privacy

To fix the TomTom car kit after upgrading to ios6 select Reset Location and Privacy.

This will erase all the permissions you have granted to apps that try and access location services on your iPhone.  The first time you use each app after doing this it will ask you again if you want to allow it to sense where you are currently located.  When you next launch the TomTom app make sure you say yes and that will fix the car kit.

I’m not sure why this worked as the audio on the car kit isn’t really connected with location services but I guess when this isn’t enabled the iPhone doesn’t send the right electrical signals into the car kits dock connector to activate it.

Hope this works for you.  Please leave a comment to let me know either way.