TOGAF Basic Concepts Cheat Sheet / FAQ

What is the TOGAF ADM cycle?•


The ADM diagram above is carefully drawn to try and make it clear that the ADM supports an iterative approach at three levels:

  1. Cycling around the ADM i.e. A to H several times.
  2. Between phases: For example from Technology Architecture back to Business Architecture.
  3. Around a single phase: For example iterating around a single phase as a technique for elaborating the architectural content.

What are the typical sets of steps within a phase?•
What is the versioning convention used for deliverables? •
What is its relationship to other parts of the TOGAF standard? •
What is the purpose of the supporting guidelines and techniques? •
What is the difference between guidelines and techniques? •
What are the key points of the ADM cycle?
•Why would I need to adapt the ADM to my enterprise? •
Why does the ADM process need to be governed? •
What are the major information areas covered by a governance repository?•
What are the reasons for scoping the architecture activity for my organisation?•
What are the possible dimensions for limiting the scope? •
Why is there a need for an integration framework that sits above individual architectures?


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