TOGAF Basic Concepts Cheat Sheet / FAQ

What are the TOGAF deliverables, artefacts, and building blocks? •

The Architecture Content Framework uses the following three categories to describe the type of architectural work products:

  1. Deliverables: A work product that the project is contractually required to produce.
  2. Artefact: A work product this is just an aspect of the overall architecture. These are generally catalogues (lists of things), diagrams and matrices (showing the relationship between things). Examples include a requirements catalogue and Use Case diagrams.
  3. Building Blocks: These represent potentially re-usable components of business, IT or architectural capability. These can be combined with other building blocks to deliver architectural solutions.

There are two types of Building Blocks:

  1. ABB (Architecture Building Blocks) – these describe the required capability.
  2. SBB (Solution Building Blocks) – These represent components to be used to implement the required capability.


What is the TOGAF Enterprise Continuum?

Here is the definition from the TOGAF 9 Part V (Enterprise Continuum and Tools)

The Enterprise Continuum provides a view of the Architecture Repository that shows the evolution of these related architectures from generic to specific, from abstract to concrete and from logical to physical.