TOGAF Basic Concepts Cheat Sheet / FAQ


Here is a list of FAQ style questions and answers I’ve put together about the basic TOGAF concepts.

What is the TOGAF standard?

TOGAF stands for The Open Group Architectural Framework. It is a tool for assisting in the acceptance, production, use and maintenance of enterprise architectures.  It is based on an iterative process model.

What is an enterprise according to the TOGAF standard?

The standard defines an “enterprise” as any collection of organisations that have a common set of goals.  Within TOGAF this can be extended to include supply chain partners working with the business to achieve its goals.  For example an online store using a third party distribution centre to store and despatch its orders would include the distribution company within its enterprise.
What is enterprise architecture according to TOGAF?

The official TOGAF standard doesn’t give a short / concise definition of what they consider to be Enterprise Architecture. I have therefore written the following summary from the Exec Overview of TOGAF which is contained in Part 1 the official Introduction. This follows on from the definition of an Enterprise given above.

The purpose of Enterprise Architecture is to optimise across the enterprise the often fragmented legacy of processes (both manual and automated) into an integrated environment that is responsive to change and supportive of the delivery of the business strategy.

Why do I need enterprise architecture?