Watching ITV on Apple TV with the ITV App.

Watching ITV on Apple TV with the ITV App.

How to watch ITV on your Apple TV

Update: October 2019

I thought I’d post a quick update to show what Apple TV looks like in the UK and in particular what the ITV Hub app looks like. To watch ITV on your Apple TV you need to go into the App Store. This is the big blue icon on the third row down on the right-hand side with a white A. On your Apple TV this will be in a slightly different location but will be the same icon. Go into this and then look through the top free apps and you’ll see ITV Hub. Just select this and download it. The ITV Hub App will then be added to your home screen as shown below. Just use the remote to click on this and off you go. If you have any questions about getting this working or your Apple TV in general just post a question below and I’ll do my best to get back to you.

Can you watch ITV on Apple TV?

I have also now created an Apple TV FAQ for British / UK based users.

Update: Jan 2019: Just revisiting some of my old blog posts to update them.  In 2018 ITV finally released a native app for the Apple TV. This works really well. So now to watch programmes from ITV on Apple TV you just need to go to the App Store, search for ITV and then install the app/

Update: Jan 2nd 2017: In a recent update ITV has blocked you from mirroring the output to the Apple TV. We can only imagine that they have some rights issues with various content owners that prevent them from allowing us to do this. We suggest you email ITV and let them know how hard they are making it for us to watch their programmes. It would also be worth complaining to Apple as they should be doing more with the UK based channels to get their content onto their platform.

At the time of writing ITV have launched their new ITV Hub App on the iTunes store.  This is the ITV equivalent of the BBC iPlayer. Currently, the ITV Hub App only works on iPhone and iPad and they haven’t released a version for the Apple TV.  This shouldn’t be more than a few days development works for them so we hope they will get on and do it soon. In the meantime, you can use the ITV Hub App on your iPhone and mirror it onto your Apple TV.


Enjoying Apple TV in the UK

It January 2012 and Apple TV (second generation, also know as iTV) has taken three major leaps forward I the UK and really has become the heart of the AV setup in my sitting room.

First came iCloud support in the UK. I’d always been. Put off downloading films and TV shows in iTunes because I knew I’d soon run out of disk space. Now with iCloud you can delete the content when you’ve finished with it and download again from Apple if you ever want to watch it again. The Apple TV is actually even better than that. Instead of streaming the content from you Mac or PC it now streams the content from iCloud so you no longer need you Mac switched on. Indeed the average consumer no longer needs a Mac or PC in their home. It’s still annoying that photos can’t be stored in iCloud forever, as this is as far as I can see the only reason an average consumer still needs a PC or Mac. So for me the ability to buy content, not have to worry about storing it and backing it up whilst still having access on demand is really amazing.

The next great improvement came when the BBC updated their iPlayer App to support AirPlay. To watch BBC programmes I used to connect up my MacBook Air to the HDMI port on the TV which works but is a bit of an annoyance. Now I can just sit down with my iPad or iPhone, find the programme I want to watch on iPlayer and the press the AirPlay button to transfer it to the big screen and audio in the sitting room. This works really well and is amazing. I just hope that ITV and Channel 4 now catch up and allow this in their player apps.

Finally this week NetFlix have arrived in the UK. Netflix has been integrated into the Apple TV in the US since it launched. I immediately signed up for Netflix and enjoyed cancelling by LoveFilm subscription. Films and TV program’s stream smoothly from Netflix and are integrated really well into the Apple TV. I was really impressed that they have fully embraced the Apple TV menu system and maintained the whole Apple look and feel. Netflix isn’t perfect at the moment. They have a lot of content but equally lots of notable TV shows and films are missing. That said I’m sure that now they have launched in the UK they will quickly start putting the deals in place to make more content available in the UK. Either way it’s great for consumers that LoveFilm finally have a serious competitor in the UK. I’ll also happily live with Netflix because it’s integrated into the Apple TV so neatly.

For me, it’s as if very little changed during 2011 and then in the first few weeks of 2012 everything I’ve been waiting for arrived at once.