Raspberry Pi Weather Station Kit: What a brilliant idea

Weather Station Kit

Long long ago when I was at school I was lucky enough to have a BBC Micro model B (and yes then a Master 128 and a 512), those were all great machines to learn on. I always wanted to use them for monitoring the weather and log the results to floppy disk back then. The BBC Model B did have a good range on ports and I got as far as hooking up light, sound and temperature sensors.

The problem back then was :

a) The machine was just to expensive to be left switched on and dedicated to this job alone and

b) we didn’t really have database software as such to store the data, and even if we did I seem to recall that the best the floppy disk control could do was about 800K on a double sided disk.

So jumping forward to 2015 and discovering this wonderful Weather Station Kit blog posting suddenly made me sad that I wasn’t still at school and able to do all the great projects they’ve designed in the lesson plans.

Hopefully soon there will be enough demand for this to be released as a kit so that middle aged fathers up and down the land can relive their youth and in the process teach their children about this technology at home.

If you get a chance have a read of their blog posting, it’s a good write up of a lovely piece of work.

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