MacOS Catalina iTunes Remote App not working

I’ve got four sets of airplay speakers around my home which I stream music to from iTunes running on my Mac which lives downstairs in my study. This has worked well for years, until now!

Last week I upgraded my Mac to the latest version of MacOS known as Catalina and while this has generally been very smooth it has broken the iOS iTunes Remote Application.

The iOS (iPhone mainly) app is essential as it allows me to control the volume, select play lists, start and stop and skip tracks without going all the way back to the study.

I’ve logged this problem with Apple as as of today (October 13th 2019) I haven’t had a reply.

For now, the only workaround is to stream the music from the Music app on my iPhone, but that only works to a single AirPlay device and not the multi-room audio that we can enjoy from iTunes.

As soon as I hear from Apple or find a solution I will update this post.

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  1. Niklas

    I have the same problem. For me it is a DAC that I can no longer speak clean / no longer. Although I see the lists on different devices but as soon as I click on a song nothing happens. All buttons are inverse afterwards. Yesterday 03.12.19 talked to Apple. Supposedly the problem is known and you are working on it. If it’s true. No idea. If the English is not 100% sorry. I’m from Germany.

    • admin

      This should have been fixed by the MacOS update released last week. Please can you try again and let us know if this fixes the problem?

  2. jeff

    It works, but you have to link your phone to music app. Here are the instructions:
    Set up the iTunes Remote app for Music on Mac
    Disconnect your iOS device from your computer, if it’s connected.
    On your device, tap Remote on the Home screen.
    Tap Settings, then tap Add a Music Library. A 4-digit code appears.
    In the Music app on your Mac, click the iPhone button near the top left of the iTunes window.
    Type the 4-digit code.
    It will tell you that the iPhone now works as a remote.

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