Java update installing Yahoo toolbar by default

Sun seem to be pushing out update 13 for Java 1.6 this week. It’s annoying that by default the update is installing the Yahoo browser tool bar. You need to watch for the tick box and remove the tick for the Yahoo toolbar if you don’t want it. I can see this catching out many end users, which will no doubt cause lots of calls to help desks when their browser isn’t quite the same any more.

I couldn’t see a way of removing the Yahoo toolbar from within the browser – I may well have missed this in which case please let me know. To remove the Yahoo Toolbar you have to go into Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove programs and then remove the Yahoo Toolbar.

In the last few months we’ve seen Apple install additional software with iTunes updates and now Sun additional software with Java updates. I don’t think I’m turning into a grumpy old man yet, but I do think installing additional software on someone’s computer without their explicit authorisation is bad manners and shows a lack of respect for people.

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