I’ve installed Airplay speakers around the house and love to listen to music and the radio as I move around the house.  I’ve created a playlist with all my favourite radio stations but for some reason Classic FM in the UK isn’t included in the list in iTunes. It turns out that it is quite easy to add Classic FM to your iTunes set-up.  First of all you’ll need to create a playlist for your radio stations and then drag a few of your favourites over to the list. You should then end up with a playlist something like this:

How to add Classic FM to iTunes

Now we can add Classic FM… To do this select File>Open Stream and then enter “http://media-ice.musicradio.com/ClassicFMMP3.m3u” for example:

Open Stream - Adding Classic FM to iTunes


When you click OK Classic FM should start to play. iTunes has automatically added this to what looks like a Playlist called Internet Songs

Adding Classic FM to iTunes Radio Stations


You can now drag ClassicFMMP3 to your Radio Stations playlist so you can easily find it in the future.

Classic FM Successfully added to iTunes


In iTunes if you press Cmd i when you have Classic FM selected it will display the station information as shown below…

Station information for Classic FM after adding it to iTunes.


It’s good to confirm that the stream we’ve added is at 128kbps and 44.10 Khz – so it’s an almost CD quality audio stream.  You can then click on the Info tab and edit the description so that it looks better in your  iTunes Playlist.

Editing the station name after adding Classic FM to iTunes


Job done, you can now enjoy Classic FM from iTunes, listen to it on your Mac or stream it over your Air Play speakers.  I must give credit to Jonathan Rawle’s excellent blog that detailed where to find the stream URL’s for Classic FM.   I had to experiment a bit to make this work reliably.  I found that some of the potential streams work for a while and indeed you can add them to your playlist but later they don’t work when you click on them in the playlist.  The URL I’ve used here is working reliably for me.  Finally for completeness if this doesn’t work for you do check that you have an up to date version of iTunes installed.

Adding Classic FM to iTunes

This blog was written when I was running iTunes 11.0.4.  Let me know how you get on with this.