What is Apple TVPlus?

Apple TVPlus or (Apple TV+) is Apples subscription TV Service. It was initially only available on Apple devices but in recent years it is now increasingly supported as a built-in app on modern TV’s along with Netflix.

Apple TVPlus is more like the Disney or Paramount subscription services in concept than Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, in so far as Apple TV Plus generally only has content created by or for Apple.

What sort of programmes can I watch on Apple TVPlus?

Apple TVPlus Home screen
Apple TV+ Home Screen

In my view the content on Apple TV+ is distinctive and of a higher quality than might be found on other platforms. I’ve enjoyed Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Long way Up and For All Mankind. so far.

How much does Apple TVPlus Cost?

Free access is often provided with Apple Hardware, either 3 months or 12 months. Check when making a purchase. Thereafter you can subscribe for £4.99, but I pay £19.95 a month for Apple One, which includes Apple Music Family (£14.99), Apple TV+ (£4.99), Apple Arcade (£4.99) and iCloud+ (£2.49), which is good value if Music, Games, TV and iCloud online storage.

How to cancel your Apple TV Subscription

You can cancel your Apple TV Subscription from any device. Apple has produced a helpful guide to this – click here.

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