Whatever happened to WordStar?

WordStar Word Processor











Going through some old box files this afternoon I’ve just found my copy of the WordStar Reference Card from the 1980’s.  I’ve scanned it as a keepsake now and you can find the PDF below.  It’s amazing how many of these command key combinations can still be found today in various editors especially those on Unix style platforms.  Many of these are fixed in my memory from nearly 30 years ago, but then WordStar was the first real word processor I used, followed very briefly by WordCraft.   I then moved onto Word Perfect 5.1 on MS/Dos and then Word on Windows.  These days I still use Word for compatibility with clients but for personal work I’m more than happy with Apple Pages.

WordStar Command Reference Sheet

What are your memories of the early days of Word Processing?

How to watch Channel 4 on Demand (4OD) on Apple TV

4OD App for Apple TV


If you are looking for the Channel 4 app for the new Apple TV then this blog post is for you. We explain how to use your Apple device to watch Channel 4, 4 On Demand, 4E, More 4, Film 4 etc using the All 4 App.

Currently Channel 4 don’t have a native iOS App for Apple TV but the good news is that they do have a really good iOS App for the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It’s easy to port these apps to the Apple TV so it should only be a matter of time before they get around to supporting the Apple TV as well. Luckily in the meantime the iPhone, iPad and iPod App works really well with the Apple TV 3rd and 4th generation.

You’ll need to install the 4OD App on your iPhone/iPad. You can find this in the App Store on your device by just searching for 4OD.

4OD Apple TV App


You will then need to start the app and register if you don’t already have a user id and password with C4.

You can then search for and play the programme you want to watch.



When the programme starts to play you just need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You will then see the control panel shown below.  Press the AirPlay icon.



Now pick your Apple TV from this list of AirPlay devices. Your programme will now start to play on your Apple TV.


Do you have any IT Questions?

Any IT Questions?

I’m looking for some good IT Questions covering Windows, Mac, WordPress, iPhone, Website Development, project management, telecoms etc that I can research and write up as interesting posts on this blog.  If you’ve got any good questions that you’ve not really been able to find the answers to elsewhere online please leave the question in a comment below.  I can’t promise to answer it but I’ll have a good go at it.